When we launched the Agenda Tradeshow in 2003, we redefined the ways in which brands and entrepreneurs interact. We set forth to introduce a forum for creativity, inspiration and commerce. In 2013, we segued this forum into the Agenda Emerge conference, which established a new source of inspiration. Along the way, we have been fortunate enough to engage with and learn from some of the most accomplished mavericks of fashion, design, action sports, art, and music.

Agenda Emerge now exists as a public portal into the creative process. We have created Emerge to inspire the next generation of innovators and to reignite the passion of the veterans. We believe that brands, artists and designers are storytellers and we are captivated by their stories. Emerge is our way of telling these storyteller’s stories. Through unprecedented access and insightful narratives, we will explore how these mavericks of industry have adapted to, overcome, conquered, disrupted and influenced their fields of work.

Agenda Emerge is an exploration of passion and the people that have found success in it’s pursuit. For years we have been inspired by our friends, colleagues and idols and this is our opportunity to learn what makes them tick. More So… it’s an opportunity for us to share it with you.

"Everything good that’s ever happened for me came from do-it-yourself culture. All of these things are about not waiting for people to do things for you, but just making it happen."
-Shepard Fairey